The Seven Wonders of the World

A Comprehensive Guide

Christ the Redeemer

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The idea first came up in the mid-1850’s, as a way to honor the then-princess regent of Brazil, Princess Isabel, but was dismissed. In the 1920’s it resurfaced, and was then accepted. They laid the stone foundation on April 4, 1922, and then conducted a competition in order to find a designer. In the end, they chose Hector da Silva Costa, who presented sketched of Jesus hold a cross in one hand, and the world in the other. It was changed after a collaboration with Carlos Oswald, who they credited with the final pose. Another collaborator, Paul Landowski, was credited as the one who designed Jesus’ face and hands.

It took years to finish, using a railway to transfer materials and workers to reach the top of the summit. On October 12, 1931, they dedicated. In the next few years the monument went through multiple renovations because of weather damage, and new pieces such as an elevator and escalator was added. On its 75th anniversary a chapel was consecrated at the base, dedicated to Brazil’s patron saint Our Lady of Aparecida.